Reflect. Align. Express.

This site helps you reflect on who you are and the role running plays in your life. By aligning your identity and your running aspirations you will express your talent and potential to the fullest extent.

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This site helps you become the best runner you can be. It won’t necessarily teach you to become the fastest runner you can be, although it will likely pave the way this to happen. The objective is to help you develop an approach to running that enables you to express your unique identity and potential as a human being. To activate all the capacities and talents that lie within you. To derive as much meaning and joy from running as you possibly can.

Become an Expressive Runner

The expressive runner brings their whole self to the act of running. They know what “makes them tick.” They've figured out who they are and why they are there. They are at peace with their limitations, and they’ve doubled-down on their strengths. They use their running practice to make life better for themselves and others.  

All this helps the expressive runner bring passion and purpose to their life. It helps them perform to the best of their abilities. Like anything, it will come with ups and downs, but the expressive runner has the toolkit to get through the hard times and make the most of the good. 

Anyone who devotes significant time and effort to running owes it to themselves to go through this process of self-discovery and alignment. It doesn’t take long to see results as long as you are willing to pause and reflect. The outcome of this process is improved confidence, motivation, focus, and satisfaction.  

This will also help you avoid trying to be the runner you fantasize about or the one you know who seems to have everything figured out. That runner is not you—trying to become something you are not eventually leads to frustration and demotivation. It will also help you avoid the pursuit of impossible goals. You can’t predict the future and there is no sense in trying. It is better to have the flexibility to stay true to who you are than to stay fixed on a path you can never complete. 

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How it Works

Grab a pen and some paper. Work through the Guides at your own pace.


Each Guide will provide some content and some questions. As you read, watch, and listen you'll want to write down whatever comes into your mind. This is just brainstorming so capture as much as you can. 


At the conclusion of each Guide, you'll be asked to consolidate your notes in input forms on this site. This information is stored securely and will not be shared. The compilation of these inputs becomes your toolkit for aligning your running and your life. 


Completing each Guide, and the resulting alignment toolkit, provides the information needed to act. Without action nothing happens, so it is this expression that brings you closer to your full potential and your best life. 

Personalized Expressive Runner Infographic

The first 100 athletes to complete the information on this site will get a free personalized Infographic!

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